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Best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia | Waterproofing contractors near me 

If you are going through some serious waterproofing issues and you have no idea where to begin with, so you run around and shortlist two among the best basement waterproofing contractors Philadelphia. 

Contractor 1 offers:

Indoor French drain

Ventilation system

New sump pump with battery backup

Mold fumigation (additional cost)

Sheetrock removal (30″ from the floor)

Transferable guarantee

Not BBB accredited

Contractor 2 offers:

Water Guard drainage system (similar to a French drain)

Robust sump pump system

No mold fumigation

Sheetrock removal (same as Contractor #1)

10% off if booked soon

BBB accredited

Responds to BBB complaints

Now, given the details each contractor is providing, which one should you choose, considering their proposed services, reputation, pricing, licensing, and additional factors?

This is an issue that many homeowners are stuck at! Lets break this universal problem, step by step.

Best basement waterproofing contractors Philadelphia  

Do you have a basement at home? If you do, that’s a good call, as it prevents the frost in winter from shaking the foundation of your house by being a major part of the foundation itself. During different seasons, such as the rainy season, the basement gets flooded, and the winter season due to snow collection outside, which melts. The flooding happens due to leaks in the basement wall or basement floor and some faulty pipelines around the basement. Hence, there is a need to fix these kinds of issues when it comes to basement repair and basement waterproofing systems. Best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia provides plentitude of services, let’s identify which one is meant for you!

Contractor #1 vs Contractor #2: Best Basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia


Let us put a final end to your daily queries to google like, Waterproofing contractors near me and best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia. There will be an assortment of specific basement repair services under each contractor’s basement repair service. 

Let’s start with the basement repair services provided by Contractor #1.

Waterproofing contractors near me – Contractor #1 


Indoor French drain basement waterproofing 

Since the basements are underground, their walls and floor are in contact with the soil on the outside. The soil ,sometimes holds the excess water within its spaces due to heavy rain or melting snow. This excess water can penetrate the walls or floor through its cracks despite using a sealant or waterproofing paint. This happens due to the excess water’s hydrostatic pressure on these walls and floors. Hence, it is advisable to keep the excess water from standing next to the basement. For this purpose, from Contractor #1’s basement repair service and basement waterproofing systems, the indoor French drain basement waterproofing comes into play. This method prevents the excess water from building up in the soil, and instead, water is instantly drained through the French drain away from the basement. Hence, there is no build-up of water in the soil.

Since the basement repair service is indoor, that means the basement floor is the one which has to be sealed. By installing this system, there is no excess water below the basement floor, and the water gets channelized towards a sump pit where the water is discharged away from the basement’s foundation. As a part of Contractor #1’s basement repair service, the installation begins with breaking the floor. Then a trench is made alongside the boundaries of the floor, which are in contact with the walls, and gravel is used to cover the trenches. Then, a perforated and socked pipe is placed inside the trench, and another set of gravel is used to cover the trench. Then a sump pump system is installed, which is connected to the drain. Then, the wall flashing is installed at the minimum exterior grade height on the basement wall. Then, a sealed system is created, replacing a section of the concrete basement floor. 

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Ventilation System

It is a nightmare for the owner to refrain from including ventilation in their basement. It could lead to musty smells, the generation of radon (a radioactive gas), which causes lung cancer, the generation of molds, etc. Hence you need a ventilation chute system, under Contractor #1’s basement repair services, in which the inlet is on the floor and the outlet is a 6-inch hole through the rim joist which is above the foundation wall. This leads to cleaner air, a toxic-free basement, and ventilation from the above house.

New Sump Pump with battery backup

A sump pump is a device used to pump out the drainage water away from the basement towards the outside of the house. In this setting, provided by Contractor #1’s basement repair services, a pump is dipped in a pit which collects drainage water. There are some valves which are a part of the pump. When the drainage water level rises, the valves detect it. Then the motor starts pumping the water away from the basement through a discharge line called the effluent towards a designated drainage area outside the house. The advantage of this is that if there is a power outage, the battery will provide backup power. Hence, you don’t have to worry about drainage during a power cut-out. A float switch is the trigger to operate the pump when the power is out and the water levels are high.

Mold Fumigation

They are also known as mold fogging. This method, provided by Contractor #1’s basement repair services, is meant for removing aerosolized mold spores and molds attached to the wall’s surface by spraying a solution consisting of fungicide and distilled water. 

How does it work out? Well, first, let us know how molds are created. Mold gets grown on a wet surface and multiplies from that. Then, branching off the spores takes place, and they invade the air around them,, making it worse and tougher to remove. Then comes the solution, which basically suppresses the mold and eventually kills it by disrupting its cell membrane. Along with that, the solution prevents the molds from reproducing. Effective fumigation over an area can prevent molds from forming on wet surfaces or wet damaged areas.

Contractor #1 provides the basement repair service of mold fumigation at additional costs.

Sheetrock Removal

It’s a drywall removal. A drywall is a construction material made of Calcium Sulfate(Gypsum plaster) with additives such as clay, mica and cellulose. It is used for making interior walls. It is easy to install. It also reduces noise and has fire-resistant properties. 

However, it is prone to holes, cracks, and water damage due to moisture and molds. Hence, there is a need to remove drywall occasionally and maintain new ones.

Contractor #1 & Contractor #2 both provide removal of 30″ drywall from the floor under their basement repair services.

BBB Accreditation

Contractor #1’s basement repair services do not have BBB accreditation.

Waterproofing contractors near me – Contractor #2


Water Guard basement drainage system

This drainage system, provided by Contractor #2’s basement repair services, is built inside the basement. The drainage pipe’s cross-section has a structure of three sides of a rectangle fused with half hexagonal bottom. Adding to the pipeline, is an extension covering the wall above the pipeline and is connected to the side closest to the wall. There are circular inlets on the bottom right part and inlets on the wall extension which collectcollect the wall moisture. And the whole system is invisible except the extension lying on the wall. Hence, the Water Guard can channel the water from the soil towards the sump pump and flush it away from the basement.

Generally, there are gaps between the structure where the wall and the floor meet. That’s where the leaks usually happen, and hence, the water finds its way to flood the basement. The Water Guard basement drainage system seals the gap, channels the excess water to a sump pump, and releases the water far from the basement.

One of the advantages is that no silt is formed in the drainage system. Then, the drainage pipe is made of plastic, which will never rust.

Ventilation systems

Service is not provided.

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Robust Sump Pump system

There are four types of sump pump systems:

  1. A submersible sump pump.
  2. The pedestal sump pump.
  3. Battery-operated backup sump pumps.
  4. A water-powered backup sump pump.

Out of these, the most robust pump is the pedestal sump.

A pedestal pump has a separate motor and a pump. The motor is above the basin on a pedestal, and the pump is inside the basin. So, during pumping,, a hose takes up water and moves it to the drainage area. It’s easy to maintain and has a higher lifespan than other types of sump pumps.

Mold Fumigation

Service is not provided.

Sheetrock removal

The same service is provided by Contractor #1.

BBB Accreditation

Contractor #2 has the BBB Accreditation. A BBB Accreditation means that the accredited business runs with integrity and honesty. Several standards need to be maintained for the business to get this seal. This accreditation makes the consumer trust the business more. It also enhances the credibility of the business. This seal also makes the business stand out in a competitive market. It applies to businesses in the North American region. This accreditation also provides business tools which help the company thrive in the market. Contractor #2 also responds to BBB complaints

Which basement repair service is better?

The decree for the best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia is now here:

Both the basement repair services have equal advantages over each other depending on which service they are providing. In some cases, both services provide a common solution. As in the case of Contractor #1, the indoor French drain is meant for floor leakage, while Contractor #2’s Waterguard is meant for leakages of the wall and the junction where the floor and the wall meet. If both services are carried out, the whole basement will be waterproofed from external excess water. One provides mold fumigation, and the other doesn’t, or one provides a ventilation system, and the other doesn’t. Hence, both have something to offer. 

Given the details above, you can now easily select between these two basement repair services and pick one among the best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia, What is the best price for basement waterproofing?

The national average cost for waterproofing a basement ranges between $2,000 and $7,000. However, most homeowners pay around $5,000 to fully waterproof their basement, crawl spaces, and foundation. Those who only need minor repairs could spend as little as $600 to $1,000.

Q. What type of basement waterproofing is best when it comes to Best basement waterproofing contractors philadelphia?

The best type of basement waterproofing often depends on your specific circumstances. Common methods include exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, and installing drainage systems like French drains or sump pumps. Consulting with a professional can help determine the most suitable approach for your basement.

Q. Waterproofing contractors near me – can you waterproof basement walls from the inside?

 Yes, it is possible to waterproof basement walls from the inside. Interior waterproofing methods often involve sealing or coating the walls to prevent moisture penetration. However, the effectiveness of this approach may depend on the severity of the moisture issue.

Q. Should I waterproof my basement from the inside or outside?

 The choice between interior and exterior waterproofing depends on various factors, including the nature of the moisture problem, budget, and the feasibility of excavation. Exterior waterproofing tends to be more effective but can be costlier and invasive.

Q. How many coats of basement waterproofing?

   – The number of coats required for basement waterproofing can vary depending on the product used and the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s essential to follow the specific instructions provided by the waterproofing product you choose.

Q. Can you truly waterproof a basement?

  Basement waterproofing can significantly reduce moisture issues, but it may not guarantee complete and permanent waterproofing. Factors like soil composition, water table levels, and the quality of the waterproofing work can affect its effectiveness.

Q. How do you waterproof an existing basement?

   – Waterproofing an existing basement typically involves identifying and repairing any existing leaks, installing drainage systems, and applying waterproof coatings or sealants to walls and floors. Consulting with a professional is advisable for the best approach.

Q. Which company is best for waterproofing?

   – The best waterproofing company can vary depending on your location and specific needs. It’s essential to research and compare local companies, read reviews, check references, and obtain multiple quotes to find a reputable and reliable contractor.

Q. What is the life expectancy of waterproofing?

    – The life expectancy of waterproofing can vary depending on factors such as the quality of materials, installation, and maintenance. In general, well-done waterproofing can last for many years, but it may require periodic inspections and maintenance.

Q. What are the problems with waterproofing?

   Common problems with waterproofing can include ineffective sealing, cracks in coatings, or issues with drainage systems. Insufficient maintenance can also lead to problems over time.

Q. What are the failures of waterproofing?

    Waterproofing failures can result from improper installation, inadequate materials, or neglecting maintenance. Failures can manifest as leaks, dampness, or moisture intrusion into the basement or foundation.

Q. Does the mold get completely removed by fumigation?

The spores are completely killed, and musty odors are removed too. But the dead spores remain, which is also toxic. Hence, there is a need to determine the conditions under which these spore mold grew in the first place. Those conditions must be changed so that the spore molds don’t grow.

Q. Is there any difference between sheetrock and drywall?

No, they are both the same thing, but sheetrock is a brand of drywall.

Q. Why is the device Sump Pump called “Sump Pump”?

The Sump Pump name originates from its purpose and the elements used in a sump pump system. Sump means pit, where the pump is dipped to pump out the water towards a drainage area away from the basement.


Take a look at the guidelines by FEMA